Europe… now ?

There are big gaps between the countries here, which had been united (american copy only). Even our Germany has states, as small as they might be.

And, the Governments try to do their best often. But their members, ministers are seldom specialists for their tasks. Global problem, but sometimes pretty heavy loads.

I (subjective, and very in this case) have seen only a few persons, who can talk clear about the issues of europe… in front of an intelligent audience.

Politicians (red corner, both) : Gregor Gysi, local… and Mr. Varoufakis is already working for Europe. At least he found a team, that is trying.

And a financial Expert, who avoids „Hahnenkampf“ in TV.

Flassbeck is his name, I think he is trustworthy. He Knows, what he talks about. Rare in financial sector, where Disasters rule.

Black Friday set course for worldwar II…

P.S.: no Europe tag here. I love the idea, but the concept was wrong.

Big Ghettos at the moment…

Wie benachbarte Kindergärten, mit befeindeten Gangs von Sandkasten-Rockern. Und irgendwer vergißt dauernd, die Tore fest zu-zu-machen.

Books about bad times…

A tip for every reader, who is interested in stories about an old crisis, and how people handled it…

The complete work of John Steinbeck.

A real good storyteller.

In germany we had Heinz G.Konsalik. A guy with „verbal diarrhoe“ who wrote about everything, from hunters for paradise birds to

„Strafbatallion 999“.

This book tells the story of Prisoners of war, but they where germans themselves. The reason was not criminality, just another opinion. So they had to dig, and transport, and lay telephone lines. In the middle of all enemies.

What a cruel way to handle differences.

Carnival Of Witches


In germany today the women start to celebrate… when you enter the streets of a „Karnevals-Hochburg“

(Cologne and others, the so called „capitol cities“ of our carnival)… you find yourself surrounded by witches.

They are dangerous, armed with scissors. Male prey has to be very careful today.

Do not wear your (expensive silk) Armani necktie (it will be cut).

A lot scarier than Halloween…

No children playing.

Adult females.


The Claws

So is my word for what some women do to their fingernails.

Oh, and they can’t do it themselves… the ultralong modeled things, painted with fine (tiny) artwork are only something for experts.

Manicure is a job field for the „broke girls“ everywhere. The ones, where the education in schools failed, mostly. A wide field, as we see:

Nail studios are „Ein-Tags-Fliegen“ (those small beautiful flies that live only one day)… in the scenery of our cities. One shop closed, two more opened. And, as this (art)work is not paying for the employees… the workers stay mostly broke.

Image and link: thx to New York Times

song link: Eintagsfliegen – Mona Mur & En Esch

Cats And Dogs


I don’t




the big

cats is




And, wolves

do perform

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we give



name then:




english/Deutsch/ Videos/

I occasionally have to think about language, when I’m not sure how to express my anger. There is a hook hidden in anger. It can hurt.

And, as I think about world in terms like kindergarden… never beat the young ones, please.

So I often decide, to take things making me angry with humor.

British, dark black humor.

„GalgenHumor“ . . .

Wenn mich etwas sehr ärgert, versuche ich die lustige Seite zu finden.

Der Kindergarten unserer „Zivilisation“ ärgert mich gewaltig, und auf den Verantwortlichen herumzuklopfen, kann in Verleumdungsklagen enden.

Deshalb mache ich lieber böse (manchmal darum unfreiwillig alberne) Witz-Beiträge. Öfter auf englisch, weil ich vermutlich früher schon viel zuviel Monty Python abgekriegt habe.


Utopic Ideas

The most problems of our society root in differences, obvious are the financial ones. When we look deeper, there is more to see.

Only, on the surface… there are waves. Turbulences underwater, but we have to dive through theological swarms of jellyfish (not easy to grab, some of them sting)…

to reach fields of commercial algae, building a labyrinth. When we found a way through, what do we find?

A bottom line, very active, filled with financial mud.

German expression for a loop like that is „Teufels-Kreis“.

I have seen a way out, Gene Roddenberry found it in the last century.

Kirk and Spock didn’t know money any more.


P.S.: I’d really love to discuss this idea with some people. In this place, and not below any other article of my blog. Sometimes I think, my commentators have totally lost their orientation in this digital jungle…


So löng, and thanks for all the fish 😛


translated: grave

First I need to apologize… one of the greatest old metalheads is dead.

And I didn’t even mention him. The first man who growled his lyrics (almost klingon style).

Lemmy Kilmister… R.I.P.

So many growls around the world, it will never be the same, after we listened to him.

What A Test

Ooops… I wanted to check the complications of my writings. On xkcd’s „Blag“ I found a tool called simplewriter.

This was the result, after I inserted a sentence (or two, three))). Scientific?

rofl (bitter laughter)

No Rhymes About Wealth

A translation of two posts I wrote in german, „Ungereimtes Zeug“ and „Reichtum“ (the links to other sites are only there).

No rhymes… oOor better said (prosaic) no lyrics

That’s the only thing coming to my mind, when I think about the actual politics of my home state. Because I am not as artistic in rhetoric*… as our chancellor usually is, I’m not able to hold endless lectures about issues of naturalness. Charity, in this case: „Nächsten-Liebe“ , the german word can be translated with „love for your next person“, is an issue for instance, held pretty high by the christian (conservative) parties of our government.

There she was probably a little over the top shot.

Mrs. Merkel’s next persons… she forgot to think about the people of her state. Looks fine here, but there are problems with priorities. Before we can think about helping the others effectively, we should have solved some of them.

But for conclusions like that you need a little logic.

What we can not expect fom a woman, who has first studied physics… and then decided to enter a professional career, which had benefitted relatively little from what she once studied.

How about „Learning, for Life“ ?

*Angelas oratories are entertaining enough, so the audience won’t fall asleep. Refreshing, even when it takes some time to fill all those (word-) soap bubbles with warm air. Only, when we try to scan them for content… splash. Very fine mist**. Tiny drops of soapy liquid, and… air.

** we know the word „Mist“ in german too… but it doesn’t mean the same as fog here. Our „Mist“ is a mixed heap of crap from farm animals***.

***and: Yes, of course I recommend to read the book „Animal Farm“.



While talking about relativity of issues (studies or statistics, who cares?), I should mention, that the growing capital of the rich people, as well as the growing numbers of the poor (the media had new statistics)… that’s an issue as old as the invention of money itself. Some people even predict the „Dying Bed Of Capitalism“ (dunno, if this is a good phrase in english, just translated the words 😉

Wealth is relative too, from the viewpoint of a broke refugee… a little middle class comfort looks like heaven.

Or, what our politicians receive as pension, a senior citizen can only dream of an old-age pension like that. What our government calls wealth is only peanuts, when I compare it with this political billionaire, Mr. Trump in America.

Everything is relatively relative.

The report which I linked with Donald T. shows us: He can not buy everything for his money, see Megyn Kelly. The star presenter of a tv channel already had a discussion with him, and he didn’t want to make this experience one more time.

Notice: She has studied political science. He however, is only a kind of political clown (= a clear sign for this fact is, that he has recruited Sarah Palin for his team))).

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