We Call It Space…

because there’s so much of it out there. Since 1969, when my parents allowed me to stay awake at night… to watch the first men on the moon (and to listen to their crackling voices), the stars were in my dreams. If James T. Kirk would have asked me to join his crew… „O.K. captain, beam me up!“

Zero gravity sounds fantastic, but the way to reach it… is like riding on firework-rockets.

My dreams from outer space are still alive, fed by good science fiction literature. So today I wish I had an electronic thumb (and also the „Hitchhiker’s Guide Through The Galaxy“)… grab my towel, and move out. „Mostly harmless“, the guide entry about our home planet, needs an update.

But I would stay at least until May the 25th, when the fans of Douglas Adams celebrate „Towel Day“… an international holiday for all hitchhikers.

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And for now… watch some NASA-HD-TV on U-stream.

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