Tool, Lateralus

So very long ago… was my last videopost before I ended blogging.

Some music  has effects on my thoughts… in this case it lead to more books, again. Made me think about the world a little chilled.  Even in english I find words with confusing double meanings. Wanted to say: relaxed (my I-Ching or I Ging in german, is the tool… meditation by reading), but at second sight… no beer from the fridge right now for me, please. I really prefer tea actually… it is winter 😉

And I… have hibernated much to long. When I opened my eyes again, to look at our world… the same procedure as every year… and every day is exactly the same

(tv or music credits… and the little 3 dots, that’s my weird style, sry) .

Minor changes with the cooks (politicians))))) . . . but the soup? They don’t even know, how to feed it to the hungry ones. I would not want to have a job like that.

Lucky me…

World goes to hell, my favorite warm place. You know, cats like it cosy. 😀

See you later, when some more impressions have found the way to this jungle here.



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