Olympic Games

This is not the first time, that I wrote about them, have their origin where? Antique Greece… or Hellas (We have some greek friends).

Just now they talk about locations on TV, and the whole mobile circus was, what I had to criticise about it. When a wealthy country is the host, they do everything to earn more with „panem et circenses“ (another of my recurring themes).

But, if poorer people try to do the same…they always give more than they have. As with football (for americans: soccer) worldcups too… buildings mostly rot away useless afterwards. This issue is another cause for head-aches right now, seriously.

What I started with, is not forgotten by now… the path for the games seems logical for me. Not for some greeks perhaps, they like a pretty relaxed lifestyle… make even jokes under themselves about it. We germans have an in-built alarm-clock in their humor.

What, if the games find a home for longer time, where they came from. Installations needed only repairworks instead of complete new construction every time (my husband said that too, he is the craftsman here, and knows a lot about building sites).

He calls me a dreamer very often. So much books I’ve read, so much utopic ideas. Darling, you are right, methinks. A dreamer.

For bookworms:

Pierre Pelot – La Guerre Olympique (Der Olympische Krieg)

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