Im Sandkasten

German for: In the sandbox… that’s the planning area of international war-theaters as well as a wellness place in a german kindergarten.

Strange connection? No, not really. Looking at historical wars in europe, we can still see, who had the bigger shovel then. It was used to draw some new borders.

Naturally, some were hurt by those shovels too. Big sandbox, our europe. Lots of players all around, early escapes to a „new world“ have beeen reported.

And, no matter how old we feel in our civilisation… industrial development as fast as ours shows clearly: we are not clean until now, still need diapers, some of us.

And what would I do in a sandbox? What programmers do, try something new, or so. In my menu to the right, below the calendar you find „Seiten“ , sides where I test things… in this case storytelling (with some help, you’ll see). Not in my native language, since more people understand english, even in europe :)

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