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The most problems of our society root in differences, obvious are the financial ones. When we look deeper, there is more to see.

Only, on the surface… there are waves. Turbulences underwater, but we have to dive through theological swarms of jellyfish (not easy to grab, some of them sting)…

to reach fields of commercial algae, building a labyrinth. When we found a way through, what do we find?

A bottom line, very active, filled with financial mud.

German expression for a loop like that is „Teufels-Kreis“.

I have seen a way out, Gene Roddenberry found it in the last century.

Kirk and Spock didn’t know money any more.


P.S.: I’d really love to discuss this idea with some people. In this place, and not below any other article of my blog. Sometimes I think, my commentators have totally lost their orientation in this digital jungle…


So l├Âng, and thanks for all the fish ­čśŤ

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