Europe… now ?

There are big gaps between the countries here, which had been united (american copy only). Even our Germany has states, as small as they might be.

And, the Governments try to do their best often. But their members, ministers are seldom specialists for their tasks. Global problem, but sometimes pretty heavy loads.

I (subjective, and very in this case) have seen only a few persons, who can talk clear about the issues of europe… in front of an intelligent audience.

Politicians (red corner, both) : Gregor Gysi, local… and Mr. Varoufakis is already working for Europe. At least he found a team, that is trying.

And a financial Expert, who avoids „Hahnenkampf“ in TV.

Flassbeck is his name, I think he is trustworthy. He Knows, what he talks about. Rare in financial sector, where Disasters rule.

Black Friday set course for worldwar II…

P.S.: no Europe tag here. I love the idea, but the concept was wrong.

Big Ghettos at the moment…

Wie benachbarte Kindergärten, mit befeindeten Gangs von Sandkasten-Rockern. Und irgendwer vergißt dauernd, die Tore fest zu-zu-machen.

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