Or better, a welcome back. I continue to blog… and go on, with what I first had in mind here: world literature (own „belletristic“selection, most probably not complete) compared to actual events.

This site of my blog looked weird for a long time… sorry for that. And, after a longer break the whole content has gaps. Videos are gone, I should delete entries. Perhaps I will… eventually not. Sites in this marginal menues are outdated too, but that’s not important* imho. If you like strange, sometimes dark music (or my artwork)… there is a path in this tiger’s jungle. A big circled button in the menu, neonlighted with an audio-scrobbling logo ­čśë When you enter, it will soon be darker there. But, take care… and enjoy the trip.


*What IS important: It goes on. My times as audience were long enough… I write again. When things happen (or: continue to mis-happen)… maybe here will be a comment. Or not (I try to stay polite, always)… we will see.


P.S.: If your translator doesn’t get the meaning of german postings… does not matter. There I mostly rant against stupid germans. If you are interested though…you can comment everywhere here.

Just ask me, under the german text you don’t get is best in this case.

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