A Tiny Thing

was built by scientists in a laboratory… at the Göttingen university. I’m not sure, what this might be good for in real life (to know that you need at least 475 water-molecules for a snowflake-shaped ice crystal) … 😉 … but it is a nice object.

This is exactly what I used it for:

A rotating dark snowflake :) This small gif animation is linked with a bigger version if you click on it. But… to copy it on your computer (as lastfm-avatar perhaps) you can use right mouseclick and save as…

I really like to share my creativity. Therefor I love my blog… makes this possible.


Sometimes when I look in my old archives, there’s a pearl. This one took my computer several hours to render… because of the underwater lights. Dolphin and girl are poser objects, placed in a bryce landscape under an empty northern sky.

Later I found a photo of a beautiful rainbow:

By scaling the bottom of the picture I gave it some depth, and then I mixed it with the virtual sky:

Each pic is linked to a 1680 x 1050 jpg version.

Reihenweise goldene Rehe

miniBambissind ihm schon verliehen worden: Johannes Heesters. Mit fast 106 Jahren ist er der älteste Bambi-Geehrte, und erhielt seinen Goldpreis zuhause… wo er sich zuversichtlich äußerte, daß diesem achten Bambi auch noch Nummer neun und zehn folgen werden.


Im Fernsehen wurde die Aufnahme der Verleihung nicht gezeigt (wegen Zeitnot… behaupten die Macher). Beim focus fand ich dann den Clip, damit sich auch jüngere (also wir alle) eine Scheibe vom Optimismus dieses alten Charmeurs abschneiden können.


Zugegeben… die Nachricht ist schon ein paar Tage alt… wie Jopi auch.

Instrumental Music


is my inspiration while creating virtual scenes… so relaxing. As background to this animation there are some pieces of sound… perhaps you’ll like them:

...PhotoSynthesis by Carbon Based Lifeforms

...Malabar Front by If These Trees Could Talk

...Grandfather Clock by This Will Destroy You

...Infinite Horizons by God Is An Astronaut

okay… the voice in PhotoSynthesis is an instrument too 😉

Little Stars



are symbols with various meanings. I like especially the symmetry. For american visitors i created another „sternchen“ . . .  in red white and blue. The small animation format is perfect for last fm. And for Mr. Lincoln . . .


I did’nt want to make him ugly, sorry…

Just thought he needed some more emotions, and so i „goo“ed them into his face.



eines Sterns…

Universal Yoga

Finally i’ve found a competent yoga-instructor. He is like me, an alien…

so please relax . . . :)

without end…


…is this little animation

which i have built and

rendered with bryce

my most used 3D tool.

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